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Our Environmental Policy

QuoteMePrint, with the support of its press houses, is committed to the future advancement of these initial developments. Our aim will be to expand on these ideas in the future by working with suppliers and clients to create a joint sustainability programme that we can promote throughout the media and titles that are printed through us.

Minimising our impact on the environment is very important to us; help us to continue achieving our goal.


QuoteMePrint ensures that the main supply stock is recycled across all ranges, produced from 100% post-consumer waste paper.

  • Manufacturing of recycled paper uses 60% less energy per tonne than manufacturing paper from virgin fibres.
  • Waste products from the recycling and de-inking processes are used to produce 15% of the energy required in the paper mill.
  • Using recycled paper creates a market for UK waste paper thereby improving paper recycling facilities.

Waste Management

QuoteMePrint recycles as much waste as is feasibly possible. Whether this be through the day-to-day running of our office or recycling the plate, pallets and paper that is used by our printers, we aim to recover as much waste as possible.

Carbon Emissions

QuoteMePrint print suppliers offset the carbon emissions produced by the delivery of all titles that we produce, based on the total annual mileage driven on all the delivery routes by donating towards a reputable carbon-offsetting programme. As a long-term measure we will be looking into research for alternate transport methods that will further aid us in our mission to cut carbon emissions.


The number of delivery vehicles on the road is reduced by the use of ‘Groupage’ delivery services. Newspapers are delivered to national hubs and then grouped with other deliveries on main trunk routes up and down the country.

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