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Other Added Extras


Endorse Folding

We know how difficult it can be distributing your newspaper from time to time; whether this is in the mailing of it to thousands of recipients or simply in the tedium of having to fold the newspapers to fit through a letterbox. That is why we are happy to offer you Endorse Folding in addition to printing your publication. Using this process, we will crease fold each individual copy of your publication to make sure it fits through a letterbox or into a smaller space.



Having insertions in your newspaper can be a great way of raising additional income, further communicating your message to the audience or simply adding value to your publication. By offering this service we are able to insert leaflets, flyers, thin brochures and even CDs into your newspaper. Want to insert something that we haven't mentioned? Feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!



For those of you who are wishing to keep your newspaper safe from the weather or stop any insertions from falling out, we offer a polybagging service. Differing amounts of papers can be polybagged, from one thousand (minimum order) to tens of thousands - all of which are available at highly competitive prices.


Stitching and Trimming

Would you like your newspaper to have more of a magazine-style finish? If so, then we operate a Muller Martini stitch and trim finishing machine. This can be used for both stand-alone publications or for supplements within your newspaper. Stitch and Trim is a method of binding one or more printed sections together, with or without a cover, by means of wire staples (stitches) through the spine and centrefold; it is also known as Booklet Making or Stitched.

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